hey hello you can call me kira. i'm a lion mother and i will protect all my favorite characters with my very life. please enjoy your stay! smooches
For us to blend into human society, we need to have a mask that we never take off. 
souzukez asked: sorry but i just wanted to let u know that u tagged this; /post/93486530162 as mirai nikki bye

thanks omg. yeah that’s what happens when you’re on mobile and a character and a show have a similar name and you just click on the first one and don’t even reAD IT I’M TRASH

Anonymous asked: Why do reblog snk if u dont like it??? u dont have to

hey heY HEY i never said i didn’t like snk omg haha


I am the worst sort of fan.


I am the worst sort of fan.

Anonymous asked: how do you ask a person you just met if they like to watch anime

creep outside their window at 4am and heavily breathe against the glass


just ask them about their hobbies and then if they like tv shows and when they say yes, just ask what kind of shows they watch.

after they told you about what they like, you can just go “i like anime and that stuff a lot” and if they react positively then ask them if they maybe like it as well uwu

itsamiistery asked: in a scale of one to ten, how frustrated did the ending of no. 6 made you

i will not rest until i am certain that shion and nezumi reunited I WILL NOT REST